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ConnectIT Systems & Engineering specialises in monitoring both fixed and moveable assets, with the aim of producing operational and KPI reports.
The team at ConnectIT Systems & Engineering is equipped with a highly developed skillset developed over decades of experience not only in a number of markets like mining and security but also in the business processes across these sectors. This business experience makes us uniquely positioned to offer engineered solutions promising greater operational efficiency, productivity gains and cost savings for each of our clients.

  • Where are the assets, what are they doing?
  • Where is the fleet in relation to daily, weekly and monthly targets?
  • How many loads have been carried?
  • How many holes have been drilled?
  • How much diesel has been used?
  • How much standing time is there?
  • What is the fleet utilisation?
  • What is the status of the fleet maintenance?
  • What critical alarms need urgent attention?


We engineer solutions for the mining, transportation and security markets. We follow the 80/20 split methodology where 80% of almost all requirements are covered using our standard product offering and base platform thus bringing the solution to market very quickly. 20% is engineered directly to the client specification in the form of business rules and domain knowledge thus providing a final solution which meets the exact requirements.

Real-time tracking

The platform offers real-time GPS tracking of multiple vehicles. A live view of the entire vehicle fleet provides a rich overview and control, specific vehicles can be followed as and when required.

Alerts & Notifications

Any event in the platform can generate alerts over email or SMS. Typical alerts which can be configured include SOS, vehicle or fuel theft, high temperature, speeding, idling, vehicle usage or geofence violations.

Vehicle Maintenance

The platform keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service. It shows a maintenance status overview and sends notifications when vehicles pass service intervals.

Engine Monitoring

The platfrom supports a wide range of OBD-II and CANBUS tracking devices thus allowing you to monitor the performance of some of an engine's major components before engine failures occurs.

KPI Dashboard & Reporting

This module provides real-time summaries of the most important data such as the total tons by tip, holes drilled, fuel used, the number of vehicles idling, total distance travelled, time on-site, or any other key data.

ECO Driving

This module measures harsh driving, speeding, idling and produces an “eco” score for each vehicle. You can reduce vehicle wear and save money by minimizing the environmental impact of your vehicle fleet.

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